Fighting DWI Charges in Jefferson County


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DWI Experience and Expertise

I have fought and won several DWI cases in Jefferson County, and throughout the Saint Louis area.  During a DWI investigation police will cut corners, take shortcuts, and make mistakes.  Your DUI lawyer should not!  I provide my clients with an incredibly thorough DWI defense that often times leads to helpful evidence – the type of evidence that gets a DWI reduced to a non-alcohol violation, or even thrown out and dismissed.

If you have been charged with a DWI or DUI in Jefferson County you are facing a serious charge that could result in the loss of your drivers license, a criminal record, or even a jail or prison sentence.  Because the stakes are so high in every case, it is extremely important to have the best Jefferson County DWI lawyer available to fight for you throughout the case.

 State Court or Municipal DWI

Whether your DWI / DUI is charged in state court or one of the many municipal divisions of Jefferson County depends on what police department charged you, and whether or not you have prior DWI arrests or convictions.

  • Any DWI issued by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Jefferson County will be prosecuted by the State Court in Hillsboro.
  • Other police departments will often times prosecute first-time offenses locally in municipalities such as Byrnes Mill, Festus, Pevely, etc.

If you have a question as to which court your case is being prosecuted, contact me and I will answer this and any other question you may have.

Blew over limit in Jefferson County

If you blew over the legal limit of .08% BAC in Jefferson County, you only have 15 days from the date of the breath test to request a hearing to fight for your drivers license.  It is extremely important to contact a Jefferson County DWI Attorney within the 15 day limit so that you can preserve the ability to fight for your drivers license.  As an experienced DWI lawyer in Jefferson County, I will contest every possible issue in defending your license.  I will examine all of the evidence against you to exploit errors that can save your license.


Refused to Blow in Jefferson County

If you are facing a DWI in Jefferson County and the officer alleges that you refused to blow under the Missouri Implied Consent law, you will be facing a one year revocation of your license.  You only have 30 days from the arrest to contest the revocation of your license.  It is extremely important to contact a Jefferson County DWI Attorney as quickly as possible to discuss your options in fighting for your license.  In most cases, a Petition for Review will be filed by your lawyer, and in many cases your license can be saved when an experienced DWI lawyer is fighting for you.




Matt Jett is a very caring and attentive lawyer...I would recommend him to anyone....he has been there for me through some very scary times and he always prevailed...dont hesitate to call on Matt....He's just a phone call away..


I felt that I was in good hands with Matt representing me.  He explained the situation, the process that I was to go through and the cost of his services very well.  Throughout the life of the case, he kept me informed and was always available and responsive whenever I had questions.  In the end, Continue Reading


I was in trouble and Matt helped me. Not only did he represent me in my legal matter, he gave good advise and was fair with his fees. I got the best outcome possible thanks to Matt.

I fight DWI charges in Jefferson County and get results. Many lawyers will tell you there is no possible way to save your license. They will say probation is the only option on your DWI or DUI. I fight for you license and work hard to keep your record clean. I will dig deeper into your defense. This means I will find all the evidence possible, and aggressively go after the prosecution to give you the best defense possible.


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