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Personal Injury

An injury is unexpected and can be devastating to you and your loved ones. Don’t allow an insurance company to take advantage of you during this struggle. Call our office today so that we can talk about how our firm can be there for you and fight for your rights during this process.


DWI Defense

Matt Jett is a St. Louis DWI lawyer who is dedicated to providing the most thorough and effective dwi/dui representation available. Contact our office right away to discuss how we can put our knowledge and expertise to work in order to get you the best possible results in your case.


Criminal Defense

Being charged with a criminal or traffic related offense can be devastating not only to the accused, but also to family and friends who depend on that person for emotional or financial support.  I provide criminal defense for traffic violations, misdemeanors and felony offenses.


Compassionate Attorney Serving St. Louis,  Jefferson County, & All of Missouri

I am committed to offering my clients the highest quality of representation not only in the courtroom, but also in communicating with you throughout the stages of your case.  When you choose my office for legal representation you will not simply be another file in the cabinet.  I will personally keep you informed on the status of your case and will always advocate for your best interests.  


Former DWI Client

I have known Matt Jett for almost 10 years, and he has undoubtedly become one of the most influential people I have ever met. He was there for me, without judgment, on one of the darkest days of my life. One morning, I decided to attempt to drive home, even though I had been out partying the night before. I knew I should not be driving, but thought I would be fine. I was definitely mistaken, and realized my error when it was way too late. I had collided with the car in front of me, and the police were on their way. I saw my life flash before my eyes, and I knew it would be forever changed.

Without hesitation, I called Matt with the hopes of him being my DWI defense lawyer. My accident was on a Sunday morning, so I assumed Matt would be unavailable, but I was pleasantly surprised when he answered the phone. My anxiety and depression began to decrease immediately. Matt decided to take on my case and became my legal representation. From that moment on, it felt like there was a light at the end of a tunnel. When I had my consultation with Matt, he took the time to thoroughly explain the entire process. I felt like I was no longer alone in this fight for my life. Matt is exceedingly committed to offering his clients the best possible legal representation.

The entire process took over six months, and Matt was there every step of the way. He was very understanding when it came to payments, and allowed me to set up a payment plan. We were in constant communication the entire time, and I trusted his expertise. In the end, things turned out better then I could have hoped for, and I was able to regain control of my life. I have recommended Matt to my family and close friends. It makes me proud to hear that they have had similar experiences to mine. I will be forever grateful for all the hard work Matt put towards my case.
Thanks again Matt.

Tanya -Former Client

I had a family friend who’s daughter got herself in a bit of trouble. These heart broken parents with now their 3 grand children and their daughter in jail called another law firm 5 days ago and had been told “we can set up a meeting and discuss what and how to handle this in a few days.” I was given Matt Jetts name and number and told to call 24 hours a day.I called these parents and they said they would call as soon as they hung up with me.(ON A SUNDAY) 30 to 40 minutes latter I got another call from this tearful mother who said “Thank you so very much for his number. He was so nice and he is going to go get her out in the morning . He was more concerned about her well being than money and then she cried a bit.

Now I am not real good about telling great stories but what Matt Jett DID NOT know is this grandmother had just been through a fight for her life with breast cancer and the grandfather lost a few toes to diabetes with mutable heath problems.People that would give the shirt off their back to save another.Matt Jett just knew they needed help..I guess the point to my long winded story is I will be giving his number out to everyone. This attorney has a heart and if you are looking for someone to trust your loved ones to he is your guy!

Kevin - Former Injury

I hired Matt as my lawyer after I was in a car accident that left me with injuries, doctor bills, and in a lot of pain. I had lots of questions and Matt always got back to me right away and seemed to be happy to help me. With Matt working on my case I was able to get all of my doctor bills paid and also received a settlement at the end of the case. Thanks for your help Matt!


I am committed to providing the most current information available. For further reading on specific areas of the law, see my articles below.

Quality and Affordable Representation That You Can Count On

No attorney is right for every client or situation. When choosing the lawyer that is right for your unique situation, you want someone with the ability to effectively represent you and your interests. You also want an attorney who truly cares about you and your case. Additionally you want a lawyer who you trust. I’m confident that you will find that I am all of those things, and I look forward to representing you.

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