Drunk Driving Clues that Police Notice

Many police officers go through extensive training in the field of DWI detection and investigation. During their training, officers learn three main phases of DWI detection: Vehicle in Motion Personal Contact, and Pre-Arrest Screening In this article I will concentrate primarily on the first phase, because (second only to never driving after drinking) not getting pulled... Read More

Field Sobriety Tests

Standard Field Sobriety Tests: What the Police Aren’t Telling You! Let’s imagine a scenario:  You are in your car, it’s dark and cold outside.  Suddenly you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror; you pull to the side of the road, fumble for your license and insurance card, turn your radio off, and roll down... Read More

Should I Walk the Line?

Being pulled over after you have had a couple of drinks is a terrifying experience.  Possessing knowledge of what the police are trying to get you to admit can go a long way towards giving yourself an opportunity to keep a DWI off your record. What are police looking for when investigating a DWI? If you have... Read More

SR-22 Insurance: The Basics

Some of the basics of SR-22 Insurance If you have lost your license in connection with getting a DWI or DUI, chances are you might be required to have an SR-22 filed by your automobile insurance company in order to drive. First Off, What is SR-22? SR-22 is not insurance, but rather a document that is filed with... Read More