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Attorney Matt Jett | Personal Injury Lawyer | DWI Defense Attorney

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A focused approach to the practice of law in select key areas
 I am a true believer in the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  For this reason I have spent my entire legal career maintaining my focus on only the areas of Personal Injury and DWI Defense.  I strive to provide unsurpassed legal representation for all of my clients by concentrating my practice in specific, key areas of the law.  Limiting my practice to key areas allows me to keep a higher level of expertise in the areas of which I practice.  Combining my unique expertise and investing all of the time and attention necessary to fully and effectively investigate every case I handle enables me to consistently achieve the best possible results for my clients.
As a DWI defense attorney I have gained extensive knowledge in the courtroom defending cases based on issues with lack of probable cause, improper investigations, and have fought to ensure police keep proper records and don’t break the rules or lie about important maintenance or record keeping requirements.  My extensive knowledge and experience within DWI investigative techniques and procedures allows me to find key issues that can be used to the advantage of my clients and often times will lead to a reduction in charges or even getting a DWI dismissed.
My experience defending DWI cases has also given me a very unique insight and advantage when I’m representing those who have had the misfortune of being injured by the negligence of a drunk driver.  Being able to think like a defense attorney and remain a step ahead of the other side in a Personal Injury case helps me to get the most money possible for my clients.  Even in cases where alcohol is not involved, my ability to find mistakes that were made by at-fault parties is a key strength that allows me to provide the highest quality representation to those that have been hurt by someone else’s negligence. 

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I provide an unmatched client experience that is results driven
When I am hired as someone’s lawyer, my goal is to provide the absolute best representation that I am capable of delivering.  Legal representation goes beyond what the final result of a given case is however, and I understand that the journey from the day I’m hired to the resolution is as important, if not more, than the finish line.  
I give my clients consistent, thoughtful updates throughout each stage of their case.  I utilize email, phone, and text messaging to keep in contact and make myself available for questions that inevitably arise in even the most minor of cases.  By providing regular updates to my clients you can be sure that I am working on your case from start to finish, which often times allows me to get cases resolved as quickly and completely as possible.  I’m also incredibly responsive and take as much time as is needed to make sure my clients are understanding what is happening in their cases along the way.  Communication is also personal.  As a solo practicing attorney I will personally be the lawyer working on your case, and will be the person explaining the process and updates from start to finish.
I am results driven for the benefit of my clients.  In every case I put the time, resources and attention necessary to uncover every possible avenue that could lead to success in the case.  I do this through investigation, collaboration, and negotiation.  I take the time to uncover all of the details and evidence in my cases through video, witness statements, photographs, and other means.  I work with a network of lawyers, doctors, and experts to collaborate and ensure all avenues are properly explored and discovered.  Lastly, I’m a tough negotiator and will diligently represent my clients’ interests by finding strengths in our case and weaknesses from the other side to gain every possible advantage.  

Academic History

University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law
J.D. 2013
Dean’s List
Criminal Law Association- Executive Board
Student Animal Legal Defense Fund- Executive Board
University of Missouri-Columbia School of Business
B.S.B.A. Emphasis in Finance and Banking – 2009
Northwest R-1 Highschool
2004 Graduate

Bar Admissions | Awards | Seminars Attended

Bar Admissions
State of Missouri: 2013-present
United States District Court, ED of Missouri: 2016-present
Awards and Recognition
Best Rated DWI Attorney in St. Louis – threebestrated.com: 2015, 2016, 2017
Seminars Attended
Bernard Edelmen DWI Law and Science Seminar: 2014



When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family.  On a nice weekend afternoon you may very well see me out with my family enjoying area attractions like Grant’s Farm, the Zoo, or swimming at the pool!  
I’m also very active when I’m not in court and enjoy working out lifting weights, rock climbing, and playing recreational sports like softball and golf.