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Restricted License after a DWI

In Missouri if you are arrested for DWI and you blow over .08%, your license is subject to a 90-day suspension.  A restricted license can help you get to and from necessities while you serve your suspension.  This is called a “restricted driving privilege” in Missouri, and is commonly known as a “hardship license”

There are two different ways to serve your suspension.  The first is known as a 30-day “hard-walk” (no driving at all) followed by a 60-day restricted (aka hardship) license.

The second option is an immediate 90-day restricted driving privilege (no hard-walk period).

To qualify for either, there are some hoops you will have to jump through.  Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so contact your lawyer to discuss which option best suits your specific needs.

  1. 30-day Hard-walk & 60-day Restricted
    • Requires SR-22 insurance rider to be on file with Missouri Department of Revenue
    • This restricted driving privilege allows you to drive:
      • to and from Work (includes driving “in connection with” employment
      • to and from School
      • to and from alcohol treatment program (SATOP, AA meetings, other treatment)
      • to and from Ignition Interlock provider
    • Benefit is that it requires you to do less to qualify
    • Also less expensive (since Interlock isn’t required)
  2. Immediate 90-day Restricted
    • Requires SR-22 Insurance (same as 30&60 RDP)
    • Also Requires Ignition Interlock device (some exceptions apply)
    • This restricted driving privilege allows you to drive:
      • All the places from the 60-day RDP, Plus:
      • to and from medical treatment (includes family medical)
      • to and from court or probation
      • to and from religious services
      • to and from child care (including visitation)
      • to and from gas station for fuel
      • to and from grocery store

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