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Do You Have Active Arrest Warrants?

Do you have active warrants around the St. Louis, Missouri area? Even if you are don’t know, DO NOT wait until you are arrested to find out! I can look into these for you to help get your warrants recalled and keep you out of jail.

If you have any unpaid traffic tickets or have missed meetings with your probation officer, you likely do have a warrant out for your arrest. If you are unsure, call my office and I will help you find out if you do have any warrants around St. Louis and I’ll work with the municipalities where your warrants are active to have them recalled. If you wait until you are arrested, it is often too late to avoid paying outrageous amounts for bail. Instead hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you avoid the embarrassment and costs of spending days, if not weeks in jail.


If you have missed a court date there is a good chance a warrant was issued for your arrest.  You can call the court directly to see if you have been assigned a new court date, but if a warrant was issued you might need an experienced attorney to represent you.  I am often times able to get municipal court traffic warrants recalled without my clients having to post a bond.  That means you can save your money to help pay for your fines, court costs, attorney fees, or anything that’s better than giving it to the court!  My fees for warrant recall (including representation on the underlying traffic offense) begin at $100.00.  Contact me today to see if you have any active arrest warrants in or around the St. Louis area.


If you are facing a warrant for a more serious issue than missing a traffic court date you will most likely need an experienced lawyer to represent you.  Often times warrants are issued with no bond allowed on a probation revocation case.  This means that if you are on probation and the judge suspends your probation, you could be arrested and held until you are brought before that judge to answer for the alleged probation violation.  Obviously nobody wants to be arrested and then sit in jail indefinitely, so it is best to hire an experienced attorney to arrange for you to get a bond prior to turning yourself in so that you don’t sit in jail waiting on a judge to hear your case.  I am able to work with judges, and bondsmen to arrange for a bond prior to arrest on most cases. Call me today to discuss your probation case and what we can do to get your warrants recalled.


Whenever a felony charge is initially filed by the prosecuting attorney, the charge will often come out with a warrant and cash only bond.  The amount of the bond can vary, but in many cases the bond is within a typical range for a specific type of felony offense.  Often times the amount of the cash only bond will be in excess of $5,000 on even the most minor felony offenses.  It is possible in many cases to convince the judge to reduce the amount of the bond so that a defendant will have the financial ability to post the bond.  There are a variety of ways to get a bond reduced, which include:
Reducing the entire amount of the cash only bond (example: $5,000 cash only to $1,000 cash only)
Setting the bond to allow 10% to be posted rather than cash only (example: 10% $5,000 bond = $500 out of pocket)
Setting the bond to allow a “surety” (bondsman) to post the bond
Contact my office today for a free consultation including discussion of your charges, including how to work to get your bond reduced to an amount you can afford to pay so you can stay out of jail.